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Your In-House Bookkeeping Costs

11 Expectations From Your Bookkeeper
Instructions: Fill in the boxes to calculate your monthly costs to maintain your own bookkeeping
Cost of Bookkeeper
Item Amount Typical Costs
Bookkeeper's hourly rate($) /hour $17/hour  
Bookkeeper's weekly work hours /week 40/week  
Bookkeeper's Health insurance costs ($) /month $450/month  
Weeks of paid vacation per year weeks/year 2 weeks/year  
Payroll taxes & worker's comp (as a % of salary) % 15%  
Overhead (as a % of office space, computer, supplies) % 20%  
Retirement/401k Benefits (as a % of salary) % 3%  
Cost of Your Time to Manage the Bookkeeper
Item Amount Typical Costs
Hours per week you spend with the bookkeeper /week 3 hours/week  
Value of your time (not cost) ($) /hour $150/hour  
External accountant fees to review and remedy bookkeeping mistakes($) /month $300/month  
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